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Kids International Talent Agency, Inc. was founded in 1993 by Barbara and Samuel Love, owners and principal agents.  Barbara handles all talent areas while Samuel is responsible for education, recruitment, administrative and business matters. This arrangement insures the right balance of quality and individualized attention for our talent and other clients.

At Kids International Talent Agency, dreams are realized and CAN become a reality for you. Through our popular classes, we not only help develop our clients' talents and prepare them for effective auditions, but we also encourage their confidence and self-esteem. Technical excellence is what we strive for. Our teaching professionals are cutting-edge, working actors with advanced degrees in the Theatre Arts from accredited major universities. They bring a wealth of firsthand experience to the Agency and to our students. KI represents children from age 4 to young adults.

Though our acting classes are generally raved about and are essential in the development of our talent, they are not mandatory for representation at our Agency.

However, acting classes are only available to those represented by our Agency. Some of our class offerings are:

  • "Acting for Commercials"
  • "Perfecting the Monologue"
  • "Acting for the Camera"
  • "Improvisation"
  • "Musical Theatre"
  • "Basic Acting I & II"
  • "Cold Readings"
  • "Advancing the Audition via the Teleprompter"

Private coaching is available to our talent who need individual preparation for that "Special Audition".

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